Our Threat Films October Newsletter! Mia Matsumiya, Shadi Petosky, Thailand’s First Digital LGBT Magazine, and More!

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Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month:

Mia Matsumiya Breaks The Internet


Wow! Proud Threat Films supporter, Mia Matsumiya, is blowing up the internet with her Perv_Magnet project, as you may have seen covered by Buzzfeed, Daily Mail and various other media outlets. We think it’s so great that she is using the growing exposure to highlight the growing issue of online harassment and the ‘trolling’ phenomenon.

Read her whole interview with David Farrier here: [LINK]

Shadi vs The TSA

Shadi Petosky is still reeling from her incident with TSA officials last month at Orlando airport, as we reported in our last newsletter. TSA harassed and unlawfully detained her simply for being a transwoman. Disappointingly, TSA still denies any wrong doing and there have been no apologies issued either publicly or to Shadi. Shockingly, there are no written guidelines for TSA in regards to trans passengers and only a very small percentage of TSA agents have any sensitivity training at all, meaning that this kind of discrimination is happening almost daily right here in the US. This has to change and we will keep you updated on this ongoing fight.

Please read more about Shadi’s ordeal here: http://www.advocate.com/transgender/2015/10/13/holding-pattern-trans-woman-humiliated-detained-and-delayed-tsa


Image: Twitter/ShadiPetosky

Kath Gets Ready To Fight


Image: BangkokPost

Continuing the subject of Trans rights struggles, we’re still closely following Kath Khangpiboon’s battle with Thammasat University in Bangkok. Kath was fired from her job simply for being an out Transwoman. As part of our ongoing work on our documentary, we’re closely following Kath and her fight against ongoing discrimination in Thailand.

Read more about Kath and her story here: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/727440/transgender-lecturer-takes-tu-to-court

Prism Digital Magazine Launches!

Finally, we’d like to congratulate one of the subjects in our Trans in Thailand documentary, Wattina Tna Thongmiton, on her new project! Prism Digital Magazine is Thailand’s first ever digital format LGBT lifestyle magazine and it launched TODAY! It’s available for download for iOS and Android at www.prismdigitalmag.com. Go check it out!



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Our September Threat Films Newsletter! Thailand’s Gender Equality Act and More!

Welcome Back From Summer Vacation and to Our Threat Films September News!

News from our newsletter!

Summer is over (apparently) and we’re glad to be back working on all our Threat Films projects! Our main focus of course being our Thai transgender documentary which continues to develop daily 🙂

Speaking of…

Thailand’s Gender Equality Act Has Passed!

This is amazing news for Thailand and especially the LGBTQ community!

“The legal instrument, officially titled the ‘Gender Equality Act B.E. 2558’, prevents discrimination on the basis of gender and is inclusive of LGBTI people. The Act was launched at a three-day workshop which focused on practical policy implications of the new law’s implementation in Thailand. The Act was announced in the Royal Gazette on 13 March 2015 and [came] into force on 9 September 2015.”

Hopefully, this will help pave the end to discrimination and bring forth more equality in Thailand and elsewhere as example 🙂

Thailand Gender Equality Act

More details can be read about here:

Bella’s Story

One of the amazing people we’ve been collaborating with for our documentary is Thanakarn “Bella” Vongvisitsin! From talking at the United Nations; helping transgender students graduate from Thai universities as their preferred gender; to being one of the forces behind Thailand’s Gender Equality Act, we couldn’t be more proud of her philanthropic work. We’re also in talks on another cool project with Bella. Stay tuned for more details!


Photo: Facebook/Thanakarn Bella Vongvisitsin

Trans Discrimination Still Exists

Despite the good news on movement of Transgender Rights, there still many battles to fight. Discrimination against LGBTQ people STILL exists and problems faced while #travelingwhiletrans continue to be a prevalent issue.

Shadi Petosky is a friend of Threat Films and has been integral in helping us shape and direct our Thailand trans documentary. This week, Shadi was subject to humiliation, discrimination, and harassment at Orlando airport simply for being a Transwoman.

Shadi Petowsky

Photo: Twitter/@shadipetosky

We’re completely outraged by this and await an explanation and apology from both the TSA and American Airlines. It’s unfortunate that a situation like this happened for the everyday discrimination of the Trans community to actually be brought to light in mainstream.

We will follow this story eagerly. Please make sure to follow us on social media for updates on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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Our First Threat Films Newsletter! Skrillex, Diplo, RuPaul, and More!

Have you subscribed to our newsletter yet? If not, you’re missing out on news about Rae Threat’s shoot with Skrillex and Diplo and our exclusive engagement exhibiting at RuPaul’s DragCon next month!

Threat Films At RuPaul’s DragCon

We’re thrilled to say that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming RuPaul DragCon in Los Angeles on May 16th-17th. We’ll be showcasing some of our recent visual arts, as well as participating in a panel discussion and promoting our documentary! If you’re in L.A., drop by and say hi! It promises to be a great weekend!

Purchase your tickets today at www.rupaulsdragcon.com!

Threat Films at The Trans Erotica Awards

We attended the Trans Erotica Awards a while back and it was an absolutely fun and fabulous night. Check out our interview with Sam Saturday on his Porn and A Donut podcast!

Update On Our Documentary

Threat Films’ first feature film is coming to life! Our Thai trans rights documentary, #tdoc, is slowly but surely coming together. We’ve been hard at work putting the pieces in place interviewing key members of the Thai transgender rights fight, as well as getting involved with LGBTQ organisations who can help us with the authenticity of the film. Stay tuned for more updates!

Threat Films x Mad Decent Fall/Winter Shoot

Skrillex, Diplo, and Rae Threat all got together recently to shoot the Fall/Winter campaign for Mad Decent. Plus social media star Dinky decided to drop by and say hi as well! Check out some of the photos from the shoot here:




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threat films x jiz lee shirt

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