Our September Threat Films Newsletter! Thailand’s Gender Equality Act and More!

Welcome Back From Summer Vacation and to Our Threat Films September News!

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Summer is over (apparently) and we’re glad to be back working on all our Threat Films projects! Our main focus of course being our Thai transgender documentary which continues to develop daily 🙂

Speaking of…

Thailand’s Gender Equality Act Has Passed!

This is amazing news for Thailand and especially the LGBTQ community!

“The legal instrument, officially titled the ‘Gender Equality Act B.E. 2558’, prevents discrimination on the basis of gender and is inclusive of LGBTI people. The Act was launched at a three-day workshop which focused on practical policy implications of the new law’s implementation in Thailand. The Act was announced in the Royal Gazette on 13 March 2015 and [came] into force on 9 September 2015.”

Hopefully, this will help pave the end to discrimination and bring forth more equality in Thailand and elsewhere as example 🙂

Thailand Gender Equality Act

More details can be read about here:

Bella’s Story

One of the amazing people we’ve been collaborating with for our documentary is Thanakarn “Bella” Vongvisitsin! From talking at the United Nations; helping transgender students graduate from Thai universities as their preferred gender; to being one of the forces behind Thailand’s Gender Equality Act, we couldn’t be more proud of her philanthropic work. We’re also in talks on another cool project with Bella. Stay tuned for more details!


Photo: Facebook/Thanakarn Bella Vongvisitsin

Trans Discrimination Still Exists

Despite the good news on movement of Transgender Rights, there still many battles to fight. Discrimination against LGBTQ people STILL exists and problems faced while #travelingwhiletrans continue to be a prevalent issue.

Shadi Petosky is a friend of Threat Films and has been integral in helping us shape and direct our Thailand trans documentary. This week, Shadi was subject to humiliation, discrimination, and harassment at Orlando airport simply for being a Transwoman.

Shadi Petowsky

Photo: Twitter/@shadipetosky

We’re completely outraged by this and await an explanation and apology from both the TSA and American Airlines. It’s unfortunate that a situation like this happened for the everyday discrimination of the Trans community to actually be brought to light in mainstream.

We will follow this story eagerly. Please make sure to follow us on social media for updates on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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